1. Digital landscape experiences, (existing landscapes)

Have you forgotten what your garden looked like during the summer? You really want to share  what your environment looks like with others? We recreate your environment completely so you can re-experience summer in your town and share it with others across the globe for them to enjoy.

2. Enhanced landscape experiences, (design landscapes)

Worried how a new dike in your landscape will look like? Dissatisfied with looking over maps all the time? Time to really peek into a better future. We deliver lifelike landscape experiences for designed or even projected landscapes.

3. Model immersion experiences

Working in complex environmental models? Tired of mousing through the pages? We enable you to really take a walk inside your data.

4. Rare natural event experiences, (blends)

Do you want to know how your community will respond to a rare natural event? Connect with them on an emotional level and see how they will really respond when their (virtual or augmented reality) house is flooded.

5. Virtual landscape interaction, (gameplay)

Want to have feedback from your community on their environment? Let them walk around, tag and respond to what they see and know.

6. River engineering advisory,

Want to run a successful project in or along a river? Need permits for environmental reconstructions? We can help you get it fixed.