IJssellinie (2013)

This is a free downloadable app which enables the blending of virtual information over field information.Contracter: Stichting IJssellinie.

Maptable (2005)

This is a quick assessment tool for river measures currently maintained by DELTARES. It enables interaction between stakeholders and 2-dimensional hydrodynamic river models like WAQUA. It typically comprises flood hydraulics and river morphology. In contrast to many other packages it is free of license and with its simcity like features it is suitable for all stakeholders. The youngest user was 9 years old, the oldest one 83, thus it is very accessible as well.

Baseline (2003)

This is a geographic database management tool typically used for hydraulic assessments in rivers, lakes or estuaries.It is currently maintained by DELTARES. Our main contribution was the suggestion to include the so called mixing capabilities of this package.

Room for the River


We have contributed to room for the river in many stages. Firstly in enabling national package flood safety assessments (baseline mixer). Later in hydraulic measures among which: Deventer (BOW, KSW), Zwolle (SOB, DWH), Cortenoever, Voorsterklei, Meinerswijk, Millingerwaard, Gendtse Waard, Huissense Waarden. It still comprises a considerable portion of our activities.